Mar 22, 2021

Spring Break 2021 Miami, Florida

I feel as though I have lost every ounce 
of pride and dignity on Spring Break.
  What's worse is that I don't regret it...

 Maybe because of the pandemic, or maybe just 
because people are crazy.  Whatever it is, Spring break 
2021 in Miami has gone totally to hell.  The news 
every day shows riots and more riots.

What's wrong with people?  There used to be 
something as simple fun and enjoyment, but today it 
seems as you don't cause total chaos you're not having a 
good time anymore.  At least that is what it seems 
based on the riots going on in South Beach.

Police are struggling to control overwhelming
 crowds and making scores of arrests, officials in
 Miami Beach decided on Sunday to extend an 
emergency curfew for up to three weeks 

Ocean Drive is closed to vehicular and pedestrian 
traffic from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. for four nights a week
 all through April 12.  Guess no Monty's for us for
 a while. Miami Beach suddenly comes across 
as a warzone when you see the news on TV.

This all being said does not stop anyone from coming to
 South Florida.  The beaches, the weather and the fun times
 awaiting sure is worth it for most.  Arvid and I being 
"boring" stay away from situations like these.

How does your day seem to be shaping up?

Give me coffee to change the things I can 
and the beach to accept the things I can't...