Mar 9, 2021

Tuesday March 9th ~

 So far you've survived 100% of
 your worst days.  You're doing great...

Yesterday was Sniff's yearly visit to the vet.  Someone was 
not happy and to get him in his carrier took a good 10 minutes.  
He sees the carrier and he takes off like bat out of hell.

Once he's inside the vet room, he's very quiet and scared. 
 Then he wants to rush back into his carrier 🙀.

Going anyplace these days is not easy.  I was not able
 to go inside, but due to some misunderstanding I had a brief
 5 minute inside with Sniff.  He was happy to see me,
 but I had to leave and once again wait in the car.

All's good with Sniff.  the vet tries to tell me he's fat.  
wants to put him on a special diet.  No thank you.  He's 
fine just the way he is.  He has actually slowed down on his 
eating as well.  Arvid says it's because he's getting older.

Sniff woke up early as usual this morning
 crying all over the bed around us.  Arvid said, "that's
 because you underfed him yesterday."  I did give
 him one portion less of his soft foodies.

He got home and was exhausted.  Went straight to 
bed/clean laundry.  I always have to wait for him to get out 
before folding the laundry.  Not a problem.  I always
 have more to do.  In between I also take a break.

That face is enough to make my day a better day.  Everyday.
To all a very good day, better days are coming 👏.
Sniff sure was  happy  to be back home.

Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does...