Mar 10, 2021

Wednesday March 10th ~

 Life is a question and how we live it is our answer...

Already halfway into the week. So far this 
week, the Sunshine State has not seen much sun.  
A peek here and there, but otherwise dark, windy and 
gloomy.  Yes, it's still warmer than most places. 

It's a good thing there is soccer.  Keeps Arvid and Sniff busy.  
They both enjoy brief cat naps in between.  We have not
 been walking much these last few days.  The weather 
has not allowed it.  Hopefully today will be better.

To all a good day.  Life is slowly but surely going
 back to a little bit of "normalcy"  Covid cases are on
 their way down here in the United States of America.

Once again, I'm awake very early.  What 4:30 AM 
looks like from our balcony.  Very quiet and very peaceful.

Because when you stop and look
 around this life is pretty amazing...