Mar 6, 2021

Saturday March 6th ~

 The most beautiful people wear their hearts 
on their sleeves, and their souls in their smiles...

On Wednesday March 3rd Florida celebrated its 176th birthday.

It only took five years for the population to grow to 
87,445 people, according to the Florida Department of State. 
 Now, the United States census Bureau says that Florida's
population is more than 21 million and growing.

A gazillion of reasons.  Climate.  Year round beaches.
  Of the 48 contiguous states in the US., Florida has the 
most shoreline of any of them with 8,436 miles.  No matter
 where you're at in Florida you're no farther than 
60 miles away from the nearest beach.

Friday was quiet.  We had balcony time.   Enjoyed the
 view and adult drinks.  We have still not ventured out
 into restaurants.   Spring break is in full swing now in 
South Florida. Everyone is coming to Florida because
 the restrictions are less.  It's fun in the sun time.

Saturday.  The day holds possibilities.  
Every day does.  Wishing the same to everyone.

Slow down and enjoy everyday.
  Life goes by way too fast...