May 6, 2013

Good News...

Life is good if you know how to live it, people are good if you know how to treat them, 
and money is big if you know how to make it....

Sometimes just a little good news can made a good day turn out into an excellent day.  
Well yesterday we got some really good new from someone very special to us.  

Arvid and I are glowing with anticipation.
Life is good.  I have a wonderful family.
We are healthy, Brutus hopefully is getting better.
What else can one ask for at this moment.  

Now is you look closely at the baby you will know why we are having a good day.
After the good news we decided it was time to go celebrate with a good meal,
and what better place that Kaluz, our Sunday favorite.
That's Arvid just enjoying the boats pass by as we have lunch.  It was a perfect day.
Brutus still happy because today he has a day off from the vet.  Come tomorrow he will
not be as happy, for now,
until next time...

People Say you only live life once...
 I say live life the way it was meant to be 
with Family, Friends, and Laughter. Live life to the fullest!