May 23, 2013

Words of Wisdom...

Stop worrying about what you have to lose, 
and start worrying about what you have to gain...

Today I just thought it would be nice to share a few of the postings I have come across and that have made an  impression on me.

How many of us have experienced something similar and how many of us are guilty of doing the same thing.  Always good to take a few minutes to reflect.  Never hurts and can do a world of good.

Same goes for this.  Too fast we are ready to judge a person and believe the worst of them based on opinions of others.  Don't make that mistake unless you can verify for a fact.  In my experience people are mostly good, with kind hearts and always ready to lend a helping hand.

No matter what your obstacles are, only you have the power to change directions.
Don't hesitate, life is short and there is too much to live for.

For everyone who has ever lost a loved one.  Something to hold on to.
No one wants to forget, no one wants to forget... life is such that we do move on, 
but in our hearts there is always that glimmer of -what used to be-
If you believe in heaven, then one day you believe you will once again be reunited
with that someone special...

After all is said and done, it is always the simple things in life
that bring us the most joy and satisfaction.  Remember life is already 
complicated without us complicating it even more.

Whatever you do, always remember to have a good time and to always be part of the moment!
We only live once.. make it count!

Life is short, break the rules,
 forgive quickly,
kiss slowly, love truly,
laugh uncontrollably,
and never regret anything
that made you smile...