May 9, 2013

Soon, Soon...

Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance.
 Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. 
But life is changing all the time....

Soon I will be seeing my sister and family at their home for the first time since they left Florida.  I have seen them since, but have never visited them in Vermont.  I am excited and very happy to finally be able to go to their home.
Mala is sister number 4 of five.  God knows that I have a tender spot for all four sisters, but when we were young and living in Guyana Mala was the baby.  Rima had not yet arrived and was not even close to being born.  Mala was one year old when my mom and dad had to leave us with my grandmother in order to find us a better life.  They did.

In many ways she will always be my baby sister, just like Rima.  See how cute she was and is even more so today:)

Mala left Florida in 2010.  We all helped her to pack for her move.  The thing about families is that when one needs us we are always there, distance is never an issue.  It was fun to be all together, but for me it was really a sad time because soon Mala and family would leave and once again it will only be Arvid, Brutus and I alone again.

Life in Vermont

It was so nice having them here.  Though they lived 2.5hrs from us we tried to visit as often as possible.  So to be able to see them and spend a fed days together is more than I can imagine.  I'm happy.  I miss Reshma and Sachin so very much.

Now they live in Vermont.  They love the change of seasons and both Reshma, Sachin and Jaxen their dog can't seem to get enough of the snow.  According to Reshma 30F is close to a heat wave. Yes, I can't wait to see them and to hear everything about life in Vermont.  can't wait to go to the baseball game with Sachin and to have them show me around their neighborhood and to see everything that is their life in VT.
Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes...