May 3, 2013

Tomorrow Is Yet To Come...

You have to learn the rules of the game. 

And then you have to play better than anyone else...

You know when someone says to you, "do you want the good news first or the bad news" things don't look too well.  This is what happened yesterday when I took Brutus to the vet.

Good news, first bacteria cleared up and Brutus so far did not go blind.  Relief and happy about that.  Bad news second bacteria shows up in the culture and badder than the first.  My heart is breaking and though I am ready to cry, I listen for the the remaining of the bad news.

Seeing him like this all bundled up with a towel getting ready to have his laser treatment was also heart wrenching.  He was quiet and seemed resigned to let them do the treatment.  Somehow Brutus seemed to know that the doctor and Kimmy were just trying to help him.

Here he is having the laser treatment.  It does not hurt because he just stayed put while they worked on him.  During the treatment the doctor told me the rest of the bad news.  Brutus' bacteria does not respond to many antibiotics that would be considered "safe"  With his best interest at heart we choose to have the doctor treat him with an antibiotic whose side effect is kidney failure.

Brutus is after all our baby and who does not want the best for their baby?  Arvid and I are just very sad right now.  Like Arvid said, "why did this have to happen to lil' Brutus"?
All we can be is optimistic and positive.  That we know how to do very well.
Now we wait, watch for signs and hope all goes well.
My heart breaks every time I see him hobbling around ignorant to the fact that his little body is absorbing medications that may cure his bacteria, but may also harm him.  What a choice.  

For now we continue with his treatments. 
They say the best is yet to come.  I say it has to! 

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, 

you'll start having positive results....