May 24, 2013

Not A Good Day...

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle...

I keep telling myself to be positive.  I try being positive. 
I am positive, but then i see Brutus' paw and something in me gives.

He has been on every medication possible.  For a few days we thought it was
getting better, but today the paw is starting to look big and swollen again.
My heart is breaking and for now I am allowing myself to cry again.

Tomorrow is another day and then we will cope again.  Today is rough.
Today is difficult, but tomorrow is still yet to come.
Please be better than today.

For now, wishing everyone a good day.  Just remember be thankful for what you have and always
remember that somewhere out there someone is going through much worse than us.

It's the events of our lives that shape us
but it's our choices that define us...