May 1, 2013


My hobbies and leisure activities includes a camera, Brutus and Arvid.
A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights....

"old" camera
"new" camera
Most people who know me know that I love taking pictures.  Does not matter of what.  Wherever I go the camera goes.  Makes me happy and I stay always engrossed in the prospect of hoping to get that perfect shot.  It's a good thing that when it comes to this I am patient.  In almost everything else I'm not.  You can say this is one of my favorite hobbies.

Of course my favorite subject is Brutus.  Arvid is not too keen on having his picture taken so very difficult to have him actually look into the camera.  Poor Brutus he does not really like it, but has gotten used to it.  Many times he sees me with the camera and he just takes off.  Sometimes I really feel terrible, but he's so cute and I just would hate to miss a shot.  Arvid is Brutus' protector or as he calls it, Brutus' Guardian, so he scoops him up and takes him away from me.  Lately though I notice that when Arvid picks Brutus up he actually waits until I take a picture of them together.

I would like to call myself an amateur photographer, but that would not be true.  I really don't know much about taking the right shots.  All I know is I like to take pictures.  I am really good with taking pictures of myself as well. Keeps me entertained when I'm bored or restless.  Arvid takes great pictures of anything that does not involve a real person in it.  His specialty is panoramic views of homes, land, scenery etc.
Having the right camera is of course key to the right pictures.  I have a small digital camera, good but maybe not the greatest for certain shots.  A few days ago as we were taking pictures of a  house, I realized we do have a very nice camera.  We actually had this for several years, but because it's too big and I did not wish to carry it around (still don't), but  decided to try it at home and with Brutus of course.  What a difference in the pictures.  All it needed was a zoom lens and next thing you know I'm starting to believe that there is still hope for me.  Next step is to take a few classes to teach me how to use the camera to its fullest advantage.  Unfortunately, the next few classes clash with something so it seems my next chance would be in the fall when we come back from Chicago.

In the meantime, Brutus is my model:)

I'm happy.

If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.

When your hobbies get in the way of your work - that's OK; but when your hobbies get in the way of themselves... well...