Mar 1, 2015

Another Day....

When life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, 
show life you have a thousand reasons to smile...

There is a deep sorrow in my heart and nothing can take it away.  There is also happiness
 because I see how close knit a family we are.   Through the distance we all pull
 together among ourselves for the same goal.

In times of tragedy you see the strength that comes through. You see how a child 
becomes an adult. Not something one wishes for so early in life but it happens 
and once it does there is no turning back.

A little girl and a little boy are now old beyond their age.  Not right but 
it's called  life and there is no stopping it.

It's Sunday morning.  All is not good in my world.  One of my sisters is going through
 a rough time and nothing we can do about it.   Time and time alone holds all 
the answers and time waits for  no one.   A little doggie also patiently
 awaits his papas return. Get better soon he prays.

Life is not easy and it seems we are having our share of those not so good times.  
Yes it's easy to say "be brave". "be positive". bla bla bla  and move on, but it is hard.
 It is very hard.  Just thinking of my sister is tearing me apart. I can't imagine
 what her days and nights are.  I mean I can imagine, yet I know it must
 be a thousand times worse. I cannot rest, cannot concentrate
 until I see her.  Until I see them with my own eyes.
  I need to be with her

I prefer to be the one hurting than to see one of my sisters or parents hurting. 
 More painful for me this way.  Especially the helplessness involved.

They say music helps one escape from reality at times.  Last night Arvid thought it
was a good way to distract me so we went to listen to the Blues.  Sadly, it
did not distract me at all. My thoughts were and is far away.

To all hope this Sunday is a good one.  Appreciate what you have.  Be thankful
 for it and don't hesitate to show it.  Life my friends is tricky.  One day all is good.  
Next day you never know what it holds.  Nothing in life is ever guaranteed.

Play the moments.  Pause the memories.  
Stop the pain.  Rewind the happiness...