Mar 6, 2015

Musical Weekend...

There are far far better things than any we leave behind...

Once again Arvid and I embark on a little road trip.  This time it will be all fun and music.
No work.  No laptops and for Arvid no phone as usual.  Relaxing is what is called for.

This has been a very hectic and stressful week for us in more ways than one.
For Arvid nothing like the music to soothe and calm him.  For me it takes a little more,
but it is a good start and I hope to be able to also relax and enjoy the weekend together.  
Arvid has been looking forward to this for months.  So have I.

Brutus is well cared for and that makes it fun, he is on a break for a few
days from medicine so it makes it even better for him and for his pet sitter.

Wishing you all a very good weekend.  Remember music
is what feelings sound like.

Go on a road trip with someone fun.  NOW!!!