Mar 7, 2015

More Musical Weekend...

Music can change the world because it can change people...

Bonita Springs Blues Festival. This is where we are.  Started yesterday and continues on today. 
 The festival is held in the park.  We bring our lawn chairs and blankets and try our best to 
not burn to death.  Yesterday we were lucky to find some shade.  As I've told Arvid, 
the only time he and I get a tan is when we go to some Blues Festival. 
We live in Florida but we stay away from the sun.

Yesterday was a very good day. We saw our friend and musician Albert Castiglia perform. 
 He is always always good and last night was no exception.  He had the people jumping.

We saw Albert last Saturday at McGuire Hill 16.  Like last night, he was also spectacular
that night.  Arvid and I follow the music.  More like Arvid craves music and I go with
 the flow.  I do enjoy it, but for him it's a very big part of his life.  Come next Friday
 we will also be going to another Blues Festival.  Another local festival.  This time
 in Coral Gables, Florida.  Maybe with some friends.  Will see.

Music sure does wonders.  It calms, relaxes and soothes the soul and the mind.
Arvid never brings his phone, he is even proud to say "they can call me until they turn blue,
see if I care."  Me I always have mine.  Have to stay in touch with the world.  With family.

Good morning everyone.  Awake and getting ready for the day, but to relax a little
more Arvid and I are just watching a little Curious George.  Very cute cartoon.

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music...