Mar 15, 2015

Working Sunday...

Life is like a bicycle.  To keep your balance you must keep moving...

Being Realtors our schedule is flexible.  We can work at any given hour or day.  That being
 said, we work today.  For Arvid and I it is fun to take customers around.  Especially when 
they are also friends.  We get to see beautiful houses and meet interesting people.

Together with our customers we are in for a treat.  So many beautiful homes to see.
Sundays are a good day to take customers around.  Usually less traffic and everyone is relaxed.

For the rest of the day we plan to take it easy.  Just relax and maybe visit Victoria and 
Michael for a little.  Seems that we see them even less when they are in Florida.  
Strange. They are busy doing their stuff, and we are busy doing our stuff. 
 Hopefully we get to see them a little more this week.  

They just got back from a cruise so we need to catch up and she and I need to 
"gossip" about stuff.  Stuff Arvid could care less about, but we have a good time with.

Well time to get our day started.  Customers are waiting and we would like to sell
 a house today.  Happy Sunday everyone and remember when you love what 
you do then it's not work.  It's exciting and it is always a fun thing for us.

Above is my first manatee of the day.  Promises to be a good one.
Leave you with a quote from my friend in the Bahamas, 

Go for it.  Life is too short..