Mar 16, 2015


Monday is a fresh start.
It's never too late to dig in and begin a journey of success...

And just like that the weekend is once again over.  Arvid and I have had a pretty good one.
Music, friends, good food, good drinks and some work made it just right.

Saturday night we had 2 couples over for a little nibble and drinks.  Have to say the evening
 could not have been better.  Though I speak no Norwegian, the couples spoke English
 all night long.  This made the entire time even better.  Sometimes being married
 to a Norwegian everyone tends to fall back into their native tongue
 leaving me wondering what just happened.  This did not happen
 and that made it very pleasant for me.

Lots of good food, music and drinks was the main event for the weekend.  All
of this shared with good friends was a combination not easy to beat.

Monday again.  As usual busy day.  Lots of running around, but as you all know, both 
Arvid and I do pretty well when we run around.   Our work takes us many places and once
 again today it takes us to Miami.  Miami is very beautiful so as we work we get to enjoy the sights.

Good morning everyone.  We woke up to a beautiful morning.  Busy already,
but with the promise of good things happening.  Wishing you all the same
 and may this be a good week for all of us.

It's Monday, let's do this.
Success rarely comes without a struggle...