Mar 14, 2015

Music and Friends...

Live richly.
Life is the greatest bargain.  We get it for nothing...

As you all know our life is centered largely on the music scene.  We tend to be drawn to it
 more than most people we know.  That is Arvid is and I go.  I like it but he lives it.

Last night we went to Fritz and Franz Blues Festival in Coral Gables.  This is the 17th annual
festival and we have been to quite a few of them.  As always we have a good time, 
but when we go with good friends we have even a better time all together.

So far has been a very relaxing day.  We Skyped with Aleah, Michelle and Emil.
Was a very good start of our Saturday.  Tonight we will have some friends over
 for drinks and pizza.  Another good evening awaits us.

To all a very good day also.

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves...