Mar 29, 2015


Wake up, relax, breathe, and smile.
That feeling is called LIVING!  Enjoy the moment...

Woke up today to a fairly chilly morning.  55 degrees in march is not usual (13C), 
but the good thing about it is that it makes for very good sleeping. 

Brutus loves my Mexican poncho so much he was still covered up with it sound asleep.
Saturday was just a very relaxing day.  Filled with soccer for the boys, a little running around for
 me, and best of all no cooking.  Pizza for Arvid and some Chinese take out for me. So good.

Friday we had a fairly windy day here.  Made for a beautiful outing
and the sound of the palm tress swishing around made it all even more special.

Not sure how the day has gone by so fast, but I am already way behind my chores.
Yes a busy Sunday for me.  Arvid is relaxed watching TV and I am just doing chores.  
Seems like housework never ends.  Folding and washing laundry is an ongoing thing here at home.

Somewhere there is a Blues festival and we are going.  Still so much to do, but it
is Sunday after all and time to do a little relaxation.  Always tomorrow to 
fold laundry and finish up with the chores.  Brutus still sleeping.  
Happy because he's off pills for a while.  Life is good.

Happy Sunday all.  Take a deep breath and just enjoy your life.

Life is so much easier when you just chill out...