Aug 12, 2015

Another Day Begins...

Yesterday ended last night.
A friendly reminder that today is another day...

Brutus is not doing good with the paw.  Don't know anymore what aggravates it. 
 Seems that as soon as Arvid and I are not with him the paw gets worse. Yesterday 
Victoria told me that their neighbors kitty, Bongo died. Seems Bongo died of 
a broken heart.  His owner died not so long ago due to cancer.  Then Loffen,
 Victoria's kitty and Bongos pal disappeared for over 20 days.  

Bongo was totally hearty broken.  He lost weight and just did not seem to have the desire 
to live anymore.  He waited for days for Loffen to come home.  Many times according
 to Victoria and Michael, Bongo would just sit in the rain waiting and waiting.  Then
 Loffen suddenly came home, yes a very happy day for everyone, but by then 
Bongo had given up.  Seems he just did not want to live anymore.  I'm sad.

When we heard this both Arvid and I looked at each other and he said,
"Brutus would never make it without us.  He's too attached to us."

My day so far has been busy.  So much to do not sure where everyone finds the
time to manage everything that NEEDS to be done during the day.  Good thing is that
our day is still young.  I have many more hours to get things done.  So for now I say until 
next time and I wish you all a very happy Wednesday.  Halfway there.  Weekend not far away.

Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. 
The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can.