Aug 10, 2015

My Boys...

Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place...

It seems like I have not really been home yet.  After that long stay in Norway, I've been 
home for just 2 days and then took off again to visit my family. Have had 
a wonderful time seeing everyone and being together, but I still think I
 am a little tired.  Still need to "recover" some more from travelling.

Looking forward once again to going home.  Short visits are very good. Like I
have said, sometimes better than long visits.  We all like company, but we also all like
when company knows it's time to leave.  I know of some "guests" that when they
 visit they never like to leave.  Seems you have to kick them out of the door to get them 
to go home.  Yep!  Short visits are the best.  Fun for everyone and pleasant memories.
Thank you all for the wonderful time.  The cherished moments will forever be with me.

Can already picture Arvid and Brutus' morning routine and I'm happy.

First thing Arvid does when he wakes up in the mornings is to take Brutus to eat.
This routine of theirs has been going on since we got Brutus and it continues like this several
 times a day.  Brutus refuses to eat with me, but as soon as he  sees his dada, he gets him,
 and drags him to where his food is.  Arvid has to stand and watch him while he eats, 
then pat him on the "shoulder" once he, Brutus is done.  They both love it.

For me this is home.  This is where the 3 of us belong.

Our family is a a circle of strength and love with every birth and union it grows.
Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger...