Aug 29, 2015

Waiting For Erika...

Disasters happen. We still have no way to eliminate earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes,
 floods or droughts. We cope as best we can by fortifying ourselves against danger
 with building codes and levees, and by setting aside money to clean up afterwards...

To be exact, hurricane season begins May 15th and ends November 30th. That is,
the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season.  Florida of course falls there. 
 I came back home to Florida to take Brutus with me to Chicago.  

First thing I had to do was take Brutus to the vet.  Blood work and another culture to see 
why it is that his paw keeps flaring up even when he's taking his medication.  Both
  Arvid and  I know that the reason it acts up so much is that he misses her and gets 
very stressed too much when we are gone.  Solution +don't go anywhere?

Brutus is a true trooper.  He acts like as if everything was OK.  Runs, plays
just as if he was not hurting, but every so often we see him limping a little.

To complicate matters we are expecting our first Tropical Storm, maybe Hurricane for 
the season.  Tropical Storm is wreaking havoc in the Caribbean, killing at least 20 people
 and leaving another 31 missing on the small eastern Caribbean island of Dominica.

So far, it as been even hotter than normal here.  It has rained everyday since I have been 
here, except for today.  No rain so far.  No winds either.  Looks fairly calm out there. 
 Yesterday the sky was BLACK and the rain came in torrents.  Was interesting to see.

Nothing to do but sit back relax and make the most of it.  Brutus and I bonded and 
he cuddled up with me while I read and also during the night in bed.  Loved it.

I went to the grocery store yesterday without thinking about Tropical Storm Erika.  Well
when i got there, you would think that Erika had already been there.  There were no grocery carts. 
To me it seemed as if everyone who lived in Fort Lauderdale was there.  There was no water left.
Most of the food isles were empty.  Yeah.  This is typical hurricane panic, and I don't even think we
will be getting much of it except of lots of rain.  OH well better to be prepared.  The day here is 
so far looking good.  I plan to go to the mall and maybe out to lunch and hopefully the movies.

Everything good here so far.  Hopefully it will just pass us without making too much 
of a mess.  Saturday.  Feels strange without Arvid.  Very quiet. Not bad just strange. To all
 a very good day and for those in the path of Erika, be careful.  You never know what can happen.

Simple Saturday.  
Everyday shines when we let our positive attitude shine through...