Aug 5, 2015

Tuesday Morning...Home

A goal without a plan is just a wish...

Yesterday we were tired very early.  Arvid being more regimented that I am decided to 
stay awake to our so called "regular" bedtime.  I decided to go to sleep early.  Though I 
went to bed I did not really sleep, even though I was exhausted.  Arvid came 
to bed and we actually fell asleep an hour earlier than our bedtime.  Jet lag.

Been awake for a few hours now.  Already looking like a very warm day ahead
of us.  Yesterday afternoon the temperatures soared to 91 Fahrenheit and kept going higher.

Brutus' paw is acting up.  He started medication as soon as we arrived home.
Now he is hiding from me because he knows I am looking to give him his pills.  Like
humans, he has to eat a little foodies before I can give him the pill.  Don't want him throwing up.

He knows I want him to eat.  What does he do?  He refuses to eat as long as possible.
I know when Arvid wakes up he will get Brutus to eat.  He always does, so all still good.

Good morning all.  I will not stop saying that there is no place like home.
Seems like both Arvid and I can't stop saying how good it is to be back home.  I will be
 honest, I am missing two little girls very much.  This summer I carried Vanessa as much as  I
could.  Little Vanessa is a baby doll and as I was looking at her pictures my heart felt sad.

Still lots of cleaning to do.  Coming back from "vacation" is always lots of work.
 So far I have unpacked 3 suitcases.  Did 5 loads of laundry, some grocery shopping,
but somehow it is the little things scattered all around me that does not seem
 to want to go away. Just means I have to start getting busy again.

 Lots to do so making it an early start. To all a very good day.  May it be good and may
 you accomplish most if not all of what you set out to do.   Until next time.

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day
I didn't come here to be average...