Aug 31, 2015

Awesome Monday...

Either you run the day or the day runs you.
Today is going to be AWESOME...

Erika? Erika who?  Yep! That's the impact Erika left on us.  Happy of course that nothing
happened, but believe me with all the hype that was going on on the news you would have 
thought we were about to be wiped out, but as you know all's good that ends good.

My Sunday was perfect. Woke up late (8 am).  Felt good to sleep in and just relax on the bed
 with Brutus.  Had already started cleaning the day before in preparation for Liliana's
 visit so there was mot much that needed to be done.  A couple hours 
of additional cleaning and I was ready for Liliana.

Not wanting to take the chance that we may lose power today, I had already started 
preparing some of the food, so all I had left to do today was make the 
salad and add fresh vegetables to the the scampi pasta.

The wine was chilled the glasses sparkling all that was left was for Liliana to arrive.  
She likes her wine with ice so there is always lots of ice waiting for her.  
She knows her way around our kitchen so she always helps herself.  
There are not many we allow to do this, but she yes.

Long time ago I created a Facebook account for her.  To this day I think Brutus and
 I are her only friends.  She says she likes to just check out the pictures, but does
 not wish to take an active part in friending more people.  As always I give 
her a few tips on how to do things on her iPad.  It's fairly new for her.

She stayed over close to 4 hours.  The most ever and it was nice.  I like company, 
but I don't think company needs to stay longer than that.  Both Arvid and I agree that
 this is a good enough time.  When we visit we also never stay longer than 4 hours at any
 one's place.  Correction.  We have stayed much longer than that at my parents' place.

Good morning all.  Monday morning already.  Time to get motivated.  Missing Arvid, but
 the nice thing about being apart is that he calls me quite often during the day and we 
actually get to "spend" more quality time than ever.  Feels good to being missed so much.
Of course we miss him as well and can't wait to go back home with him.  Soon.

It's the imperfections that make things beautiful...