Aug 23, 2015

Good Times In Chicago...

I feel like I’ve been split open and stuffed with sunshine...

So far we have been doing pretty OK.  Of course like with everything we have had a few
set backs. Have not had Internet connection now for 4 days.  Seems like there is
a problem with something. Just our luck. Something that should
 be so easy has somehow turned into a huge issue.

As Arvid would say, "nothing we can do so why not get drunk?"  
And so began our music filled weekend. 

To our delight, our friend Albert from Florida was playing at one of our frequented spots.  
Of course we had to go and see him.  Truth is Arvid has been keeping tabs on Albert 
in Chicago for a few months now.  As he said, "we are going to see him."

And we did   Was a good time and the music as always was great.  According to Arvid, 
Albert plays even better in Chicago than he does in Florida.  Guess you can say we 
are biased.  We love the city and everything about it.

Sunday.  Short calls to family in Norway.  Hopefully by this week we will have everything 
in order and get back to "normal" Not liking this no wifi in the apartment, but in a way 
it was our fault.  We bought the wrong modem.  The one we need will soon be here.

Happy Sunday all.  It is another good day for the hot tub and pool. 

Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.
  Happy Sunday all...