Aug 17, 2015

Monday Again...

I think Sunday should be 48 hours instead of the usual 24, 
so we have more time to prepare for MONDAY...

Though we were on the go all of yesterday, we still made time to have our Sunday outing.  
Peaceful, quiet and just the two of us.  As Arvid says, "the best times."  Since coming 
back from Norway we have not been able to visit any of our favorite places.

Yesterday we did.  We had lunch at Kaluz.  Water views, boats passing by was just the
 perfect setting to sit back, relax and spend a few hours just doing nothing.

Today another busy day awaits us.  Combined with my feet hurting like crazy,
I can only imagine how torturous it will be.  I have heel problems and can't seem to find
the right shoes.  Been at a place called The Walking Company and bought me some shoes.

Unattractive as hell, but if they will help then I don't care.  Right now I need comfort.
Right now the flip flops I bought hurts my feet even more.   I tried to return it, but the
 manager said it was store policy to not accept used shoes.  I of course said, 
"then it is about time you start thinking of changing that policy."  
as you can imagine it was downhill after that for me.

Good morning everyone.  Monday again so let's get rolling.

Have you ever had one of those days when you're holding a stick
 and everyone looks like a pinata?....