Nov 20, 2015

Friday November 19th..

Don't let it break you.
No matter how hard things get, life goes on...

Well the weekend is already here for many.  Time is flying by.  Next week is 
Thanksgiving and the very crazy Black Friday.  Nothing much planned for either of 
those days.  Neither Arvid nor I eat much turkey and neither of us is interested
 in fighting with a mob of people standing in lines from 2 am waiting for
 the stores to open to grab the great deals. 

 I'll tell you if you have the patience and the stamina to make these lines then you will 
definitely have some pretty awesome deals.  Don't need anything and I am definitely not
 in the mood for malling around.  Lately all I want to do is stay home.  Guess it
 would be good to get out a little.  Not for Black Friday but just
 get out of the house.  Change is OK sometimes.

Looking forward to tomorrow very much.  Today will be 20 days since I have been
 on a low iodine diet.  Not by choice, but for medical reasons.  In that diet no
 dairy is allowed.  Have been drinking my coffee black.  Yes many maybe 
most drink it that way, but I like mine with cream and sugar.  
That is what I am looking forward to the most tomorrow.

Shadow is already bossing us around.  He is a very good kitty and as everyone says,
it is not his fault Brutus died.  He only wants to be loved and he definitely gives
 it back.  I will love Shadow.  He's tiny but wants to jump everywhere.  It's 
not fair to Shadow that when I hold him I want it to be my Brutus.

To all a very  good day.  May this be the start of a great 
weekend and only good things to come.

I have learned that you can keep going, 
long after you think you can't...