Nov 8, 2015

It's So Quiet. So Empty Here...

Arvid says, "no one ever told me it was going to be this hard"

This poem came to me via many means and from many friends.  Thank you
everyone for all the kind words and the love you have for Brutus.  You will see
 his pictures often in my blog because I cannot just wipe him out of our lives.

Our Brutus never came home.  One day we will share our lives again with another
little kitty.  We will love the little one, but our Brutus will always live on in our hearts.

Today I'm not exactly sure how to go on without the little rascal.  Our lives revolved
 around him and his schedule.  Now we have no one to fuss over. No one.

In death he was so peaceful.  He looked so much the same like when we used to hold
 him when he was alive.  But he was dead.  The poem is beautiful, but it hurts too much to 
not have Brutus running around and making little noises at home.  IT'S TOO QUIET!!!

Brutus, I can't promise that I will ever stop grieving for you, that we will ever get over 
loving you, but I can promise that we will never ever forget you and never ever stop loving you 
and no matter what we will always be looking for you and wishing you were here with us.

Your bed in the closet is all made up just waiting for you Brutus.  Why aren't you here? 
 Everything is empty just waiting and waiting.  We hear nothing.  It's quiet and all you 
can hear is your dada and I crying for you.  You wanna come home now boysie?

Nothing will ever be the same again in our lives.
We miss your cuddles, your sounds, your warm little body close to us, we miss you
like crazy.  Our love for you Brutus will never change as each day goes by. 
 Dada and I will love you until the day we die...