Nov 2, 2015

New Day...Feeling Better Already

Smiling is infectious, you can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today.  And I started smiling too...

It's been a while now that I have not been feeling so great to the point where I 
have not even wanted to sit and use my laptop.  For me that is not normal.
  I have even had naps during the day.  Definitely not what I would do.  

Having the flu is extremely exhausting on the body.  Both Arvid and I having it at the same 
time is even more trying.  Neither of us is up to doing much.  For me it has been close to
 2 weeks feeling this way.  Sadly for Arvid it has been over a month.  

He had it and after a few weeks it seemed to go away, but then in Vegas it came back.
  His cold has also brought him tons of pain.  Arvid who has never taken pain killers
 is suddenly "dependent" on them.  Hopefully for both of us this is the final stages
 of this horrible thing called the flu. It sure wears a person out.

Adding to that, Brutus is not at his est either.  Same old story, but still breaks our hearts
 to see him this way.  All bloodied up and hurting.  Not even sure what we can do 
anymore.  Well I know what we can do, but we have not gotten there as yet.

As Monday begins, it feels like a better day already.  The weekend was pretty quiet.
Neither of us wanted to do much, but as Sunday approached we felt it might do us good
 to go out in the heat for a little.  From home to Kaluz, one of our favorite restaurants, 
it is only a few minutes walk.  Did us good to walk and warm up the body.

As always no matter what our days are busy.  Arvid is busier that ever.  Coming back 
from the Vegas trip there is lots to follow up on and many people who need a little updating
 on their gold claims.  The trip was a definite success, but nothing like being home.

Good morning everyone.  Still not feeling a 100%, 
but sure am better than I was yesterday.

Happiness is finally feeling a little better after being ill for a long time...