Apr 19, 2016

About The Movies...

The whole of life is just like watching a film. Only it's as though you always get in 
ten minutes after the big picture has started, and no-one will tell you
 the plot, so you have to work it out all yourself from the clues...

Movies.  One of my favorite pass times of all times.  Transports you into a world where
 everything is possible.  Yes, it's not reality, but then when I go to the movies my
 intention is to forget, and to go into this world where everything is rosy.

Arvid enjoys them as well.  Maybe more now than he did a few years ago, but maybe not as
 much as I do.  He would much rather watch TV at home.  Last Sunday as he watched TV,
 I decided to go to the movies.  Yes, I have no problems doing things on my own.

  In fact I actually do not mind at all.  I have  good time and I don't have to worry if he
 is bored or not.  I just focus on me and enjoying what I am doing. 

 On Sunday I went to see The Jungle Book.  Just too cute it was.  Max and Gabby,
 2 of my nephews grew up watching Mowgli from The Jungle Book.  They though they were 
Mowgli.  Not only because it had memories, but the fact is that I love animated movies. 

 Arvid has also shown a liking to them.  I remember when he, Reshma and I watched Frozen.
  Arvid was as caught up as we were.  When we saw Madagascar with Danielle in Chicago 
he also loved it.  Just a few days ago he told me that the new Kung Fu Panda
 movie will be coming out.  Said, "we have to go see it."  It's animated. 

These movies are cute, no swearing and for some reason they pull at your heart strings. 
It's one of the best times I have.  Going to the movies.  I told Arvid that I really 
enjoyed this on Sunday and that I may do it every so often while he watches 
TV, then suddenly he said to me, "you know we have to go and see The Boss."
  It's a new movie that will be released soon.  We like Melissa Mccarthy. 

Since we have the Dine-In-Movie theater, going to the movies is twice the fun.
We have a choice of recliner chairs, which is our favorite.  We also have the choice of the
 rocking chair.  Either one is good for me because once I go to the movies I relax and 
put all thoughts (try) of the not so pleasant far away.  Everyone is allowed at
 least 2 hours to "pretend" that everything is good.  We all deserve that.

To all a very good day.  We have had a very good weekend.  I have had many good moments, 
and unfortunately some not so good ones.  It comes in wave this thing called grief. As 
always when I feel the need to talk there is Anna.  She listens and she never judges.  She's a
 good friend and I know that without here right now I would be in an even more bad place.

Sniffer is good.  Keeps me smiling and happy.  I think of Shadow and I'm heartbroken.
At the end of the day it's my Brutus I am missing more than anything else.  I can't believe
 that I have not held him in 166 days.  Brutus it's been too long.  Too long.

To all a very good day.  May today be better than yesterday and may the sun always
 shine upon you.  You know what they say, when everything gets answered, it's fake.

I have a theory that movies operate on the level of dreams, 
where you dream yourself.   Fairy tales only happen in movies....