Apr 15, 2016

Sniffer...Sniff Sniff...

Stop looking for reasons to be unhappy.  Focus on the things
 you do have, and the reasons you should be happy....

He came into our lives on March 7th.

Beautiful little kitty kat.  Right away he captivated Arvid and I.  Gentle, calm, and loving. 
 In so many ways he reminded us of Brutus, at the same time he was his own little "person"

He loves it when I brush him.  He even "complains" when I don't.  I love Sniffer.

He's not too crazy about having his picture taken, but I'm patient.  Brutus was 
also turning his head away from the camera.  Shadow was never still so he did not care.

Every morning I go out to the balcony with my coffee.  I watch the boats go by and just 
see the palm trees sway.  I sit on the balcony floor and leave the door open.  I am constantly 
watching Sniffer.  Everyday he keeps peeking out a little more.  Then he takes off into 
hiding.  Like Brutus he is not brave.  At least not as yet.  The fearless kitty was Shadow.  

When he's not happy he let's us know.  When he wants playtime he let's us know, and of 
course we drop what we are doing to make sure he stays happy.  Sniff reminds me of our 
Brutus in so many ways.  He has of course his own personality, but so much is like Brutus.

Sniffer is a reminder that even in sadness there are also reasons to be thankful for, and reasons 
to be happy and grateful.  Anna also reminded me of all the things both her and I have in our lives
 for which we should be grateful for.  Thank you Anna for always being there. You more than 
anyone have been a great help to me.  Always there to listen and to offer encouragement.

A reminder to all of us.  Our lives may not be full with reasons to be happy, but 
our life itself is the reason to be happy.  Happy day to all, and let's make each day count.

Be happy with the little you have.  There are some people with nothing who 
still manage to smile.  There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy...