Apr 8, 2016


In life you have 3 choices.  Give up, give in, or give it your all...

As I have mentioned many times, mornings are my favorite time of the day.  The sunrise.
 The quietness and calmness of being "alone" for just a little before the hectic was
 begins is the best way for me to start the day. I enjoy my coffee on the balcony 
while Arvid is still asleep and I watch the boats go by one by one. 
Very peaceful and I am grateful that I can still find pleasure in it. 

 This morning was no exception. It revitalizes the soul and sure prepares
one for whatever the day holds.  Today so far has been good.

I also love the sunsets.  From our balcony I don't realty see the sun set, but I sure 
see the colors in the sky and yesterday it was pretty amazing to watch. The
 neighbors below us were fishing; not sure I would eat the fish from the Intracoastal,
 but they are from Germany so maybe they do not have all the facts.

Yesterday was a good day until around 6pm when I was sorting through my cosmetics 
and toiletrees.  I came across an empty jar of face cream with a date on it. 
 I like to date my stuff so I know how long I've had it.  

The date on the jar was September 23, 2015. September 26th I came from Chicago
 to Florida to take Brutus with me   I never thought he had less than 2 months to live. 
In that moment it hit me again and for about an hour the tears just kept coming. 

 How I miss Brutus no one may understand. He was my baby and I grief and ache for him. 
 Like I said to Arvid this is so very difficult for me.  Shadow is never far either from my thoughts. 
 I need to buy an urn for his ashes. Too much sadness and I don't think I always cope well.

As far as Friday's go today is looking up.  Yesterday I treated Arvid to PF CHANG'S and
 today he took me to Flanigan's, and who know's maybe some music tonight. Arvid tries 
to keep me occupied. For that I'm always grateful.  I am thankful for Sniffer. He 
brings happiness into our lives.  I may not be able to get over Brutus, but 
I'm grateful that I have the chance to share life with another kitty. 

Shadow mama will always remember your special personality and your fearless 
approach to everything.  You even tried to attack the vacuum cleaner.  You were only with 
us for such a short time. I'm so sorry Shadow. So very sorry. I hope you know that I loved you.

Our lives go on without Brutus and Shadow.  Brutus was with us for 9 years.
  Shadow a little under 4 months.  I loved them both, but my Brutus is the one who left his
 mark on us.  The one whose presence we miss and the one my heart aches for always.

Today Sniffer, Arvid and I make a family.  
It is good.  Many things to be grateful for. Always

Hope everyone has had a good start of the weekend so far.  

Sometimes you just have to make peace with your past in order 
to keep your  future from becoming a constant battle...