Apr 10, 2016


Spring is a time of new beginnings, new possibilities.
What qualities would you like to grow this spring?...

I have to keep reminding myself.  Every so often I sink into a "bad spot." 
 It takes effort, and a strong will to "pull" myself out.  Sometimes it works other 
times I just have to ride it out.  Today I am already working on myself.

One of the nice things both Arvid and I enjoy together are our walks.  Sometimes we 
walk to the beach other times we walk through the neighborhood.  Either way it
 is relaxing and enjoyable and I have many opportunities to get pictures.  Always 
I get Arvid from the back.  He rarely turns around when I ask him to.  

A few days ago I treated myself to some pampering.  Thank you Victoria for the
manicure and pedicure.  Was good to sit and have someone pamper me.  While at the
mall, I also noticed that they are already gearing up for July 4th.  Time is flying.

To all a very good day.  May it be peaceful and full of all things good.  Sunday
is a always a good day to enjoy quality time with family and the ones you love.

As always Arvid and I enjoy an outing where we can sit out, enjoy the weather and
 hopefully watch the boats go by as we enjoy our lunch.  Sunday is one of our favorite days.

Be patient, the best things happen unexpectedly.
Possibilities are always endless...