Apr 3, 2016

Have To Stay Positive...

A positive attitude changes everything.  I've been having some rough days,
 I'm sure it will get better.  Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference...

Yesterday was my birthday.  Another year goes by, and supposedly one gets wiser?
The last few months have been traumatic for us, and somehow I can't seem to get past it.
Everything makes me cry.  I just can't seem to make it through the day without crying.
Is this what they call depression?  Or am I just sad?  Not sure right now of the difference.

For my birthday I did things I enjoy.  I had some time alone, and did exactly 
what I wanted without having to worry about Arvid, and what he wanted.  It was
really very nice. Later in the evening Arvid and I went our with friends.

Dinner and music with good company made for a special time, yet I felt something 
was missing.  I was there, yet I did not feel as if I was there.  My thoughts were 
everywhere else.  I don't know what's going on.  This sadness is not leaving me.

Arvid and I left, and we went to another place closer to home.  There I indulged my sweet
 tooth, but still I could not wait to get home.  These days home is where I like best.
Last night our friend asked for Shadow.  The met him in December.  

Telling about him was heart breaking all over again.  The horror was being relived again.
  Not that it ever leaves me, but there are moments when I am OK.  Now I am a wreck
 all over again.  I miss my Brutus and I am traumatized over Shadow.  Life!!

I am looking forward to a better day today.  I always hope that everyday is better 
than the last, and I know that one day it will be.  I thank you all for the birthday wishes.
One of the first calls I received yesterday was from Arvid's mother.  She never forgets.

To all my friends and family thank you for the messages and for the calls.
I apologize if I did not answer all of you, but please know that I am grateful and
 I do appreciate each and every one's thought fullness.  Thank you!

A new day begins.  I know it will be a good one.  For each day brings new hopes,
 new dreams and renewed faith.  Counting on it.  Yes, today I am hoping 
for a brighter outlook.  Positive attitude brings positive outcomes.

 A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances,
instead of circumstances having power over you. (I'm  working on it)...