Apr 23, 2016

Birthday Boys...

Birthdays are good for your health.  Studies show 
that those who have more birthdays live longer...

Arvid, Sniffer and I all have birthdays in April.  Mine came and went already.
Both Arvid and Sniffer celebrate birthdays tomorrow.  Little Sniff turns one year, and 
Arvid just a few more than Sniff.  Yes, both boys at home have the same birth dates.

Nothing big planned.  Sniff will be having a few extra treats and maybe an extra portion
 of his soft foodies.  He loves soft foodies way too much.  Also some extra brushing
 and playtime.  For Sniff Sniff this is heaven.  He can play all day long.

As for Arvid, I treated him to dinner at our favorite place in Miami Beach.  Monty's.
Not a fancy place, but it has a great seafood bar, awesome views and as he said it's just our 
place.  Somethings and some places are best to go on our own and this is one of them.

Arvid and I have gone through quite some so trying times in our years together, but 
nothing compares to what we have gone through since Brutus and Shadow died. I am still
 stuck in my grief period.  It has taken a toll on me and I am trying very much to move on.

Good morning world.  Today is going to be a good day.  It is after all April 23rd.
  Birthday for Sniffer and Arvid.  Date night at the Dine -In-Theater for us.

Arvid Hvidsten, I loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, 
always will.  I love you.  I am at rest with you.  I have come home. 
Together we had Brutus, Shadow and now Sniff...