Apr 21, 2016


Life is like a camera, focus on what's important, capture the good times, 
develop from the negatives, and if things don't work out, take another shot...

As I mentioned before, I love going to the movies.  A must on my list is this one called 
Keanu.  The main character is a kitty cat.  Now how can I NOT go and see it?

Everyone who knows me, knows that there is nothing I like better than taking
 pictures.  No matter where we go, what we do when I come home I have
 hundreds of pictures in my phone.  I'm talking just for a little outing.  

When we go on vacation, I probably have thousands of pictures.  Yes, more than I need, 
but I enjoy doing it and so what if I have to delete most of them later on?  Keeps me 
happy, occupied and who know maybe one day I might get that perfect one.

I see possibilities and potential in just about everything.  I love taking pictures of food.
Drinks.  Bottles any and everything.  Arvid sometimes thinks I'm strange.  Does
 not bother me one bit.  I am who I am and and I'm very happy with me.

I have thousands and thousands of pictures of my Brutus.  For that I am happy. 
 Now it's all I have left.  Pictures and memories of my baby.  I miss his so much.  

As for Shadow, I also have quite a lot of pictures even though we had him for less 
than 4 months.  Yesterday and today i am having flashbacks.  I hear a little
kitty struggling to get out, and I could not help my little Shadow.

Sniffer is now learning what it is like to live with a camera lover.

Today i learnt something new.  For those of you using Snapchat this is probably 
old news, but my niece Reshma always keeps me updated.  I asked her if it was possible 
to post an image/picture on Snapchat that was taken let's say a day ago.  

Well what you know she said it was possible.  Seems like there is another App that uploads
 pictures to Snapchat whenever one wishes.  One can then do whatever fixing to the 
picture before posting it on Snapchat.  Pretty interesting,  Now everything can
 be altered.  I guess I'm a little slow with all this "cool" technology. She's 
still trying to teach me a few other things, but I'm a slow learner.

Hope your day has been good.  I have had better days and for sure worse.
Remember if you have nothing in life, but a good friend (Anna), then you're rich.

The past is a place of reference, not residence...