May 4, 2016

A Storm Is Brewing...

A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances
 instead of your circumstances having power over you..

It's thunder, lightning, rain and all that "good" stuff going on right now here in 
The Sunshine State.  Let's say that today there is no sunshine here at home.  Even so,
 it is still warm.  Maybe a little too much for my liking.  The humidity factor is high.  
That tells us that it is soon time to leave Florida and to return back in the fall.
  Not that much longer until we are gone, gone, gone.  My view right now.

Yesterday on the other hand, Arvid and I had a little outing and a little drive along the
 beach.  The weather then was perfect.  Just goes to show you never know from one day to 
another what it will be like.  Will it rain?  Will the sun shine?  One thing you do know is 
that it will be warm.  Definitely today is not the day for one of our usual walks.

Both Arvid and I had our own stuff to do today.  In between the stormy weather I had time 
to go and get me my fruit from the Swap Shop.  Coconuts and mangoes for the week.

I hope everyone is having a good day.  My day did not start out that great.  The dryer was on 
from early this morning and my desk is right next to it.  I'm still traumatized by the sound of 
it and by the heat when it's all done.  I still can't bring myself to take the clothes out of the dryer.

I have good days.  Yes, I do.  I have good moments, many of those, but when the not 
so good moments arrive then that ruins the rest of my day.  I am trying very 
very hard to stay busy and to not always think about what happened
to my Brutus and Shadow.  Some days it just does not work.

Always remember that choosing to be positive and having a grateful 
attitude is going to determine how your're going to live your life...