May 1, 2016


If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine it is lethal.
Brutus, I miss our routines.  I miss how happy we were with you..

Sunday morning.  Calls to Norway.  Yes, Sunday is family day for Arvid.

I don't have a specific day for family.  Everyday is family day for me, but I guess
 if my family also lived so far away I would have one special day.  It's a routine Arvid has 
had with his family like forever.  They like it and he likes it.  Arvid likes routines, and this
 one is a good routine.  His mom and Victoria know that he will call withing certain hour of 
the morning and they wait for that call.  Michelle we Skype with on Mondays.  Routines.
Arvid's mom just told him that in Horten, Norway they are planning to build floating condos.

This morning T told Arvid that Victoria will be having dinner with Michael's family 
today so he may want to call a little earlier just to make sure he got hold of her. 

Well I misunderstood, and the outing was yesterday.  Of course Arvid was not too 
happy to "break" his routine.  But he got over it fast.  Yes.  Arvid likes his routines
 very much.  I also do, but I also like to break the routines every so often.

Sunday is looking good here.  Beautiful day.  Outing with friends planned to
a very beautiful spot in Hollywood, Florida.  Pictures to follow tomorrow.

Everything is good right now.  There is just a place in my heart that misses my
 Brutus like crazy.  That cries over Shadow's short tragic life. There is never a single
 moment in the day when Brutus and Shadow do not cross my mind.  Never.  We wish we 
could hold our Brutus again.  Sniff like Shadow does not like getting picked up much.

Happy Sunday all.  Remember that sometimes the less routine, the more life.

My daily routine: get up, be amazing, go back to bed.
Sometimes the break from your routine is the very thing you need...