May 13, 2016

Hello Friends...

You can find inspiration from others,
but determination is solely your responsibility...

Quiet day.  No big traumas happening here today. Just making plans for the
 weekend, and it's looking good, sun, beach, music, drinks and good food. 

Good morning everyone.  We all know this to be true, but if you had
any doubts here is a little reminder to you and to me.

Just last night as Arvid was holding my hand he said to me, "don't worry
my dear.  All of this that we are going through will just make us stronger."  

Funny enough I looked at him and I said, "I believe you, but I am already a very strong
person and I don't need additional "tests" to prove it."  I guess I was not feeling magnanimous
at that moment.  I was hurting and all I wanted was  to go back to being "normal"

Good morning all. Remember, laughter is the brush
 that sweeps away the cobwebs of the heart.

Happy Friday all.  Be careful out there.  It is Friday the 13th after all.
Happy Friday The 13th! Don't look what's under your bed tonight & don't turn 
off the light. You don't know what's coming. Have a good day.

Forget yesterday - it has already forgotten you.  Don't sweat tomorrow.  you haven't 
even met.  Instead, open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift - today..