May 27, 2016

Jack Of All Trades...

Your talent determines what you can do.  Your motivation determines
 how much you can do. Your attitude determines how well you can do it....

Arvid is a man of many talents.  Sometimes too many.  It has at times been an issue between us, 
but I have gotten used to it, and I have learnt to live with it.  Most of the times it is funny,
 and never bothers me.  At times he gets so very involved in doing so many things
 I am just a little stressed.  Many a times I have told him that it's best
 to be really good in one area rather than be a "jack of all trades."

Arvid is good at what he does.  What he does best is real estate and he loves to trade.  But like 
everyone else he also likes to potter around in any and many strange things that come his way. 
 He is what you can call a handy man for everyone, but for ourselves.  He will fix things
 for others, but when it comes to our own stuff he always will say, "tomorrow."

The thing about Arvid is that he has determination, always a positive you can do attitude, and
 he never gives up when he wants something.  The combination is lethal, and it definitely works
 for him.  His passion is real estate and there I don't think anyone is better than him 
when his mind is made up.  The deals I have seen him do are at times
 considered "impossible" by many others.  Not for him.

Eventually he does get to it.  When we go visiting my parents in NC my dad has a list 
(sometimes) of things he would like done.  Simple things.  Without hesitation it's done. When 
we go to Norway his mom also has a few things she would like done.  Again simple things. He 
does it.  You see Arvid likes helping others.  Plus as he says it keeps him busy.  Busy here is key.

When we go for our walks we check on a friends house.  There he likes to potter
 around with the pool.  He cleans.  He hoses.  He sorts mail.  He starts the car,
 and yes I am there with him and I have the pictures to prove it.  Both of us
 have a really good time and we also get some exercise out of it.

My favorite thing about Arvid is the way he is with our kitties.  My admiration,
 and love for him increased when I saw how he was with Brutus.  Brutus made him the
 man I love today.  Arvid is a gentler, more patient person than the man I married.  He
was patient, gentle, and ever so loving with Brutus.  I miss those days with the 2 of them.

 Then came Shadow. His rambunctiousness was endearing and it took a lot of patience
 to get close to him.  Arvid never stopped trying.  We were almost there with Shadow.

It's now Sniff's turn to be loved and to give love.  It's happening and all tree of us are
 loving each other every day.  Sniff teaches Arvid and I that there is love all around us. He
makes us realize that there is so much to grateful for.  Arvid may be a jack of all trades, but
to me he is the man I fell in love with.  The man who loved our Brutus unconditionally.
 The man I saw cry, for the first time ever when Brutus died.  The man I will love forever.

It's Friday.  Feels like a day for some frozen Rum Runners, Pina Coladas,
 and some. Yes, it's the perfect day to be going to Flip Flops.

An intelligent man will open your mind, a handsome man will open your eyes,
and a gentleman will open your heart.  Arvid is all of those....