May 25, 2016

Already Wednesday...

You can have it all. Just not all at once.  They say time heals all wounds,
 but that presumes the source of the grief is finite...

Sunday was a really fun day for me.  As usual Arvid and I went out and had our
 Sunday outing somewhere by the water.  Once again we went to Flip Folps.

The ambiance is casual.  There was live Reggae music.  Not the best, but it has an island flair 
to it which was very soothing as we had our lunch.  Boats passing by all the time.  People
 were getting on and off the water taxi, so over all very interesting for people
 watching, and more.  We liked it very much.  Loved the Mimosas also.

After lunch Arvid had to rush home to see a soccer game.  Left many hours open for
 me to do as I pleased.  I decided to take a little cruise along the beach and walk around a bit.
We live so close to the beach, and yet we rarely make time to actually go there.
 OK so we don't go in the water, but there is so much to do and see.

I remember when Arvid and I lived just steps from Fort Lauderdale Beach.  We used to walk,
 and even swim in the ocean.  Don't mind that we don't anymore, but I do miss a few places
 we used to frequent.  I also miss the huge frozen drinks.  Not that I can drink all of it,
 but it just looks so good.  I feel like I need to try them out once again.

I had a very good time.  I enjoyed quite a few things Arvid probably would not have enjoyed.
I also tried a few things on my own.  It was so relaxing, I don't think I would have a problem
doing it again.  Alone is good as well.  Sometimes it's even better when all by myself.

 I love to just walk, look and if something catches my eye then I go for it.  If I want to
sample something I sample.  Arvid is more regimented than I am.  I don't always want
 to follow a "routine"  Rules and routines are meant to be broken every so often.

To all a good day.  Already halfway through the work week.
Remember, time has a wonderful way of showing you what really matters.

The hardest thing about the road not taken is that you never know 
where it might have led.  Happy Wednesday.  Begin each day 
with a grateful heart.  Life is beautiful, take time to enjoy it...