May 28, 2017

After The Storm ~

When you come out of the storm you won't be the same person that walked in.
That's what it's all about.  After a storm comes a calm...

Yesterday was a beautiful day all the way up to about 7:45 pm. 
After that all hell broke loose.  The weather changed for the worse.  Once again 
there was a tornado warning in effect.  Rained like crazy, accompanied by thunder, 
lightning and hail.  The window was being pelted by hail at some point 
I was scared it was going to break.  Sniff is still terrified.

Earlier in the day it was warm, sunny and clear blue skies.  Here in Missouri
the weather changes faster than one can blink ones eye.  Getting used to that as well.
Yesterday was Reshma's senior prom.  A pretty big deal here in the USA.

Also, my niece Danielle graduated from college and  yesterday she had a little
 family gathering at her home in Pennsylvania.  I really wished Arvid and I could have
 gone to it.  Usually we would have.  Arvid has a special bond with Danielle in particular.

My nephew Max is in India on a study program.  Kimsy is in France on another 
study program, and my nephew J is in Punta Cana on a fishing trip. J loves fishing. 
 He also just graduated from Tufts University in Boston.  They are all grown up.

The days are going by very fast.  This has been a very relaxing and calm week.
Everything has been running smoothly and I have enjoyed a few days of relaxation
 in between and after work.  Hopefully it will continue to be this way.

Sniff is once again scared.  He is not eating and is pretty much jumpy.  It will
take him a few days to get back to "normal," by then another tornado will be coming 
this way with the bad weather and scare him all over again.  Crazy crazy weather.

Yesterday I missed Brutus even more than usual.  I was looking at pictures and I 
just could not stop the tears from coming.  I saw Shadow and he was laying in his favorite 
spot by Arvids desk.  Broke my heart.  I cried like a baby, but afterwards it felt a little
 better.  One day it will be better.  But I miss my Brutus quite a bit.  He stole my heart.

Already Sunday. Our relax day.  Not sure what to do today,
but I have many ideas.  It is currently calm here at home.  Sniff is still not
sure if it's "safe," but I have him close to me and I am sure he
knows that as long as we are here he will always be safe.

Memorial Day weekend has begun.  It is officially summertime.
May we never forget that freedom isn't free.  Happy Sunday all.

Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it.  
It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it...