May 9, 2017

Busy Days ~

I've just had a super busy day already. 
Converting Oxygen into Carbon Dioxide...

Monday started with a bang.  The phones never stopped ringing.  People 
wanting to rent rooms desperately for the season that has begun here in Branson.
  My hotel is full and Arvid's  about 97% full as well.  People come and 
go quite often, sometimes we "help" them to go also.  Arvid has his 
shopping cart ready.  Just in case, Arvid does not hesitate to
 "help" when it is needed.  He even offered to give me a 
shopping cart for my hotel should we ever need one.

The pool here at Almost Home is being filled up for opening on Memorial Day
 weekend.  Many are already looking forward to sitting in the sun and
 just cooling off in the pool.  Summers in Branson are pretty HOT 
from what I am told and we did experience some of
 it last summer during the few times we visited.

The tomato trees are already giving tomatoes.  Soon they will
 be ripe and ready to pick.  Guessing the tenants will
 be happy for fresh homegrown tomatoes. 

 Here at Almost Home it's nice and quiet.  Very peaceful.  Arvid's hotel
 is also quiet, but being on the main Strip he sees a little more
 "action" than I do.  From Arvid's hotel everything you need 
is within walking distance.  No need really for a car.

Already Tuesday.  The week is just flying by.  Hope everyone is having 
a good week so far and that it just keeps getting better and better.  
Happy Tuesday all.  Time to get busy again.  Don't forget 
to always focus on what makes you happy.

My life is very crazy and busy, but I love it that way...