May 20, 2017

Weather Woes..

There are a lot of false reports about tornadoes,
when people are simply seeing dark clouds...

Sunny and warm.. what a joke.  It did not last yesterday.  Before you
 knew it the weather changed.  The tornado sirens were blaring
 and once again everyone was on alert for tornadoes.

The ice cream store across from Almost Home.  Black clouds rolling in.
The picture below was taken close to our home yesterday.

Not exactly sure anymore what today holds.  Just have to wait and see I guess.  
Right now it's time to start another work day.  Sniff is on the alert and not eating 
too much.  Constantly afraid that the thunder and lightning will strike again.  

Last night was stormy.  Currently raining.  Patiently waiting for summertime,
 hopefully will bring us better weather.  By then I'm sure we will miss the rain.
In the meantime, why not enjoy some summer drinks.  Sounds good to me.

Weather forecast for tonight: dark...