May 27, 2017


Happy Saturday.  Wake up each day and be thankful for life.
Happy weekend.  May your days be as beautiful as your thoughts are...

Yesterday was ice-cream treat day for a few of the tenants, Tony and Benny.  All 
in appreciation of a good week and just because I wanted to.  Makes me feel good.

Yes, Friday was definitely a good day.  May have put on a few extra pounds
 that I did not need, but while doing so I was completely guilt free. 
 The guilt came later, but I ignored it.  I'm getting good at it.

Early start of my Saturday.  Busy, busy day.  Hardly have time to do much lately,
but I wanted a change.  I wanted to stay busy and we are.  Not complaining.

Sniff is good.  Loves to sleep even more than Brutus and Shadow did.  Must
be all that bird watching.  Just wearing him out.  Happy Saturday all.  For those
 who have already started on their long weekend..enjoy, have fun and be safe.

May your weekend be filled with positive thoughts, 
kind people and happy moments.  Let's roll baby...