May 31, 2017

Home Is Being With You ~ 31st

I knew I loved him when home went 
from being a place to being a person...

Owning two hotels makes it impossible for Arvid and I to travel together
 any longer.  For now we have given up going to Mexico.  As Arvid puts it,
 "my favorite place to vacation.  The only place I can actually relax."

Usually we go together to Norway every summer.  This year he did it alone.
As he told me every night, "not the same without you."  When you're used to
 doing things together, nothing not done together is the same anymore

Even I will now go visiting family alone.  I don't mind so much.  Gives me 
an opportunity to mingle better than if Arvid was around.  Not that he 
does not enjoy being around my family, but sometimes even I must admit, 
it can become overwhelming.  Same goes for when we visit his family.

I'm sure his visit with his family was a very good one.  Brief but good, but like
 he told me, "I'm so ready to come home."  Yes, home is always the best place to be. 
 Be it when visiting his family or mine.  The visits are good, but one just looks 
forward to being back home to what is familiar and back to "normal" routines.

I have missed him, but I have also had some relaxing times.  Arvid is
 high energy.  I enjoyed some quiet evenings at home with Sniff, and best
 of all my stress level was way down.  Looking forward to having him
 back, at the same time I know it will once again become hectic days.

I love the life we share, and would not trade it for anything
 in the world.  With you Arvid Hvidsten and Sniff, I am home.  Not so 
long ago it was Arvid, Brutus and I.  Now it's Arvid, Sniff and I.

Forever is a long time, 
but I won't mind spending it by your side...