May 16, 2017

Breakfast Time ~

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast...

Our day starts once we have had a good breakfast.
After that there is no telling what we will accomplish.

If you want breakfast in bed tomorrow, sleep in the kitchen tonight.

Living in the USA for over 20 plus years, Arvid still has a few things he 
likes/prefers from his country.  One of those is his Norwegian jam.  
Every morning he has it. He does not like change at all.

I am not like that.  I like my own made in the USA stuff, but have to say there
 are some Norwegian products that even I have to admit to liking. Especially 
some of t heir sauces and Norwegian shrimp.  Just delicious.

Arvid and I are like clockwork.  Breakfast at the same time everyday Monday 
through Saturday.  Sundays we live "dangerously" and have a later breakfast.  First
 he calls his family and when he's done we relax to a leisurely/larger breakfast.

Good morning everyone.  I'll eat some breakfast then change the world.

Eat breakfast like a king.  
Lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper...