May 12, 2017

So Ready For The Weekend ~

Busy is a choice, stress is a choice, joy is a choice.  Choose well.
Better days are coming they are called Saturday and Sunday....

So ready for the weekend to be here.  The work week goes by FAST.  The weekend
 even faster.  Our weekends now consist of just Sundays off.  Saturday we 
both go to "work"  My day is a bit shorter than Arvid's.  Then I come home
 and the work begins all over again.  Staying busy like we wanted to.

This has been a pretty exhausting week.  Especially for Arvid. I look
 at him and I can see how tired he is.  He just never knows when to stop.

By the end of yesterday the skies got dark and the bad weather 
once again took a turn for "not good."  Thunder, lightning, followed by 
hail and tornado winds made for more unpleasant times/evening.  

Sniff got nervous and of course now does now want to eat.  Takes him a 
few days to get over this.  Poor boy has had many frightening moments 
here in Missouri.  Brutus.. not sure how he would have handled it. 

 For sure, we would have petted him more and made sure he was 
not so scared.  Sniff is much braver and independent.  Shadow
 never had the opportunity of knowing what bad weather was all about.
 I'm sure Shadow would have faced everything with pure fierceness 
and determination.  He in his short time with us was FEARLESS!!!

Friday.  Has not started out so great, but if all goes according to the weather
 man then it should just get better and better.  To all a good day and
 a happy start of the weekend.  Umbrella drink is calling...

May your weekend be full of adventure and cheer,
 and may the start of the next week be long away from here..