Sep 28, 2020

A Visit To Ponce ~

There is a whole world out there, right
outside your window.  You'd be a fool to miss it... 

As a young girl growing up in Puerto Rico, one of the 
places we went to on a school outing was Ponce.  We actually
 did it a few times with the school, because there is so much
 to see.  I remember from long ago the old buildings, and
 a must at the time was Museo de Arte de Ponce.

Not in a million years would I have thought I would be 
living one day again in Puerto Rico.  I have to say, I am seeing
 it with different eyes today, and what I see I love.  A couple of
 things I do remember from childhood, the food and the
 kindness of the people.  That has not changed.

Ponce is a large city on Puerto Rico’s southern coast.
 Its well-preserved old town features grand mansions built
 in the unique Ponce Creole architectural style, such as the
 Centro Cultural de Ponce Carmen Solรก de Pereira. 

Nearby, the Museo de Arte de Ponce is famed for its 
huge European and Puerto Rican art collections. South,
 the seafront boardwalk of Paseo Tablado La Guancha
 is lined with restaurants and bars.  Happy discovery.

   Our day out to Ponce did not turn out exactly how we wanted
 nor was it what we expected.  We had a great lunch, walked 
around a beautiful mall, but all the attractions we wanted to see
 were closed.  Thank you COVID.  The above is the Boardwalk.  
Called La Guancha.  This is what it was before COVID,
 now it's still closed so we never even got close to it.

The streets looked fairly rundown and beat up.  
Still not recovered from Hurricane Maria and the many 
earthquakes that hit it.  COVID does not help one bit.

For now Ponce is on a waiting list to be revisited.  
One day far into the future, when hopefully things
 are back up and running.  This can take some time.

The island is still greatly affected by COVID, remnants 
of Hurricane maria and the many earthquakes it has had and 
continues to have.  Even so, the beauty is undeniable.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead.

Man cannot discover new oceans unless 
he has the courage to lose sight of the shore...