Sep 22, 2020

Busy Days ~

Staying busy is the best escape from everything
 and everyone.  I am thankful for another day...

 We have had busy busy days.  By the end of the day I am
 worn out.  Both Arvid and I seem to be going to sleep a little
 earlier than usual.  Still getting used to the heat I guess.

Yesterday I started walking early in the mornings. 
 So nice and so cool.  I am gone walking before Arvid is
 up and back before he's up.  Yup, he likes his sleep.  I get 
up, brush Sniff, give him his foodies, have my cafe and
 out the door I go. Hope to keep this rhythm going.

Over the weekend Arvid and I checked out another
 restaurant.  Close to us.  Where we live, most of
 the restaurants cater to seafood.  I'm happy.  

I always order the fish, Arvid not too happy about seafood,
 so he had the filet mignon.  "The best steak I have ever
 had"  those were his words, said more than one time.

After Indian food, Puerto Rican food is my favorite.
  They are actually close to being both my favorite food.
  There is flavor and there is flavor.  I am super happy
because every time we go somewhere, I am always 
smiling after my meal.  Food makes me happy 🦞.

Today's walk is over.  Now to see what the day holds.
I know we will be busy, because we like it and
it makes us happy.  Always something to do.

Sniff is better and better everyday, even so he still
 refuses to sleep in the bedroom with us, and that I am 
not happy about.  Hopefully with time he will. 

Believe it or not yesterday Arvid went to the barber.  
Something he has refused for months while we were in Florida. 
 My mom said, "looks like Clint again."  As in Clint Eastwood.

To all a very good day.  Arvid is awake, means my 
peace and quiet is now over.  Time to get busy 😃

Always gotta keep busy or the voices
 keep telling me to do wild things...