Sep 4, 2020

Friday In Puerto Rico ~

Whoever always looks for greener grass on the
 other side will never be able to appreciate the green grass
 that was right under their feet the entire time...

Something we should always keep in mind.  The
 grass is not always greener on the other side of the road, 
country, planet... you get the picture.  That being said, 
another very warm day begins here.  Life here is different.

I saw this on a car.  Of course I had to take a picture.
  I thought it was funny so did Arvid.  Arvid already knows 
his way around Puerto Rico.  He has studied the map before
 we got here and everyday he's better and better.  I who grew
 up on the island am lost when it comes to directions.  

He's already found his papa John's pizza location. 
 Of course, very close to where we are staying.  We have
 been very busy.  So far have not had too much time to go 
to the beach.  Arvid thought that coming to PR would be
 "easier" because of the  COVID situation in Florida.

Wrong choice it seems.  Florida is easing off and
 compared to Puerto Rico, Florida is very "soft" in their
 restrictions.  In Puerto Rico before you enter any store,
 your temperature is taken.  Your hands are sprayed
 with hand sanitizer, and no mask means no entry.

Here everyone wears their masks at all times.  
I think it's the law.  As of now, restaurants are closed
 on Sundays.  According to my sister the governor
 may reopen that in the coming week.  Yay!

We were supposed to come to Puerto Rico, take it 
easy and just relax.  So far it has not been the case, but it's
 getting closer and closer to that.  One thing for sure, we do
 enjoy the time we spend on the balcony.  It makes up
 for all the crazy, all the heat , all the exhaustion.  

As usual, Sniff and I are awake enjoying the sunrise.
Sniff is still super cautious about everything, hopefully he
 will soon be less tense and able to relax.  Just like he did
 back home in Florida.  I think he misses his home.

Spend time thinking of what you want 
rather than what you don't want...