Sep 9, 2020

Wednesday ~

Life is about moments.
Don't wait for them, create them...

And so begins our day.  Coffee, sunrise and Sniff.
Perfect start of what will be a great day.

Sniff is most comfy wherever we are.  
Right now the breakfast table is his spot.

I have cleaned just about every spot I think Sniff
can get to, but sometimes he will surprise me and find a
 spot I didn't think of.  Keeps me busy.  Now Arvid and
 I will have some time to enjoy Puerto Rico.

The island is very picturesque, even the electrical wires
 all over it's landscape cannot take away the beauty it holds.

Below the locals hanging out by the beach, with their
 masks playing dominoes.  Life is simple and that gives
 us the most happiness, and always makes us grateful.

All roads lead us to the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean.

No matter what is obstructing the landscape, the beauty is always there.

To all a great day.  Arvid, Sniff and I are having us some island time.

Some of the best moments in life are 
the ones you can't tell anyone about...